Pick any day for this special tour in the SUV- it’s all about you as a couple- with special emphasis on photos with our serious-about-great-photos full frame wedding camera and ancillary gear for the first two stops. I’ll use a couple pro-cameras during the tour, but when we begin we’ll get serious about, and have lots of fun with photos for an hour and a half to two hours.

It’s all about being casual and expressing your look and joyous vibe as a couple- just having fun in wine country, sans bridal bouquet and boutonniere.

Along with getting to know you both, there’ll be lots of posed professional shots. We can scout out potential wedding sites you’ve chosen through the Intimate Wine Wedding website, and briefly outline what type of vows you’d like in your ceremony for idea exchange via email later.

The third stop will be a casual old fashioned picnic, with tons of options where you can enjoy a great view, or spread a big piece of canvas on the ground with a tablecloth in the middle…and enjoy a bottle of wine with food from one of our excellent local eateries. I’ll be there to capture that fun too.

This is a five hour excursion, which you’ll always look back on with fond memories- a most cherished day in a heavenly bubble of bliss you shared and recorded together!